Welcome to Mrs. McGoldrick's Kindergarten Class!        8132015_32252_5.jpg

I am so excited to have you in my class this year.  This is my 12th year in the district, but my second year to be an Eagle.  Kindergarten is such a fun grade to teach and I can't wait to get to know you and your child.  This website will have basic information such as class schedule, important dates, homework, and recommended websites so please check periodically for updates.

My contact information:         kmcgoldrick@conroeisd.net

Conference Time: 1:25-2:10

Kindergarten Schedule
7:30-8:00 Arrival/ Warm-Up
7:50-8:00 Morning Pledges
8:00-8:30 Intervention & Enrichment
8:30-9:05 Writer’s Workshop
9:05-9:20 RATT
9:20-9:30 Reading Mini-Lesson
9:30-10:30 Independent Reading, Anchor Stations, Guided Reading
10:30-10:45 Shared Reading
10:45-11:00 Word Work
11:00-11:30 Lunch
11:30-12:00 Recess
12:00-12:10 Calendar
12:10-12:25 Math Review/MM/FF
12:25-12:35 Math Mini-Lesson
12:35-1:25 Math Anchor Stations, Guided Math
1:25-2:10 Specials
2:10-2:40 Science
2:40-2:50 Social Studies
2:50-3:00 Whole Brain Stations, Pack-Up, Snack
3:00-3:10 Afternoon Announcements
3:10 Dismissal



Key skills for Kindergarten:
1) Able to write first name with a capital at the begnning.
2) Able to identify upper and lower case letters in random order.
3) Able to identify numbers to 20.
4) Able to count objects to 10.
5) Identify colors and basic shapes.

As the year progresses these skills will become more difficult.  I just encourage you to work with your child on skills they are struggling with and together I know that we will make this year a success.

New Key Skills for your Kindergartener at mid year mark:
1) Able to write first with capital at only the beginning and no reversals.
2) Able to identify upper and lower case letters in random order.
3) Able to identify the sounds of the 26 letters.
4) Able to identify 15+ kindergarten sight words.
5) Able to identify numbers to 20 in random order.
6) Able to write numbers called randomly to 20.
7) Able to count objects to 20.
8) Able to identify which number is more or less with objects, pictures of sets, and numerals to 10.
9) Able to identify colors and basic shapes.
10) Able to count aloud to at least 50. (End of year is 100)

Key Skills after Spring Break:
1) Able to write first name without reversals and capital letter only at beginning.
2) Able to identify all letters and their sounds in random order.
3) Able to sound out CVC words to solve.
4) Able to use word family knowledge for generating rhymes.
5) Able to identify 25+ sight words.
6) Able to identify and write numbers 0-20 in random order.
7) Able to count objects to 20 and also be able to conserve the number when the objects are arranged in a different way.
8) Able to understand more or less, ordering by length, height, weight, and capacity with 3 objects.
9) Is able to identify basic shapes and discuss their attributes (including regular and irregular).
10) Able to discuss basic 3D shapes and discuss their attributes (faces, bases, edges)
11) Able to count aloud to at least 75. (End of year is 100)

Our primary focus is nightly reading.  Beginning of year it can be a read aloud and discuss with you.
Paper and pencil work will only come home if your child is not completing class work and needs more time.
 I also send home reading books Monday-Thursday. Please sign the reading log and return every day!
These items will not start right away so please keep an eye out for them in a folder.

Helping at Home:
Some things to consider when reading to your child:
Left to Right reading
Picture clues
Point to title
Recognize and read sight words
Concept of print (spacing, captilization, punctuation)
Retelling a story using sequencing
Letter and sound recognition

Important Dates to Remember:
-April 25th Progress Reports
-May 8th and 9th STARR
-May 11th McTeacher Night 5-8 (kinder teachers will be there)
-May 15th Author Visit
-May 23rd Field Day
-May 26th Incredible Pizza Night
-May 26th Treat Bags
-May 29th Holiday
-June 1st Graduation @9:00



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